The A ListChris Rumohr's The A List™ is the National Capital area's largest informational active clearing house for adventure racing training and racing, providing service to nearly 300 racers in the area and nationwide.

The A List™ is a 100% free service which continually hosts free training events and race simulations for all levels of adventure racers in the area - from those who have never raced before all the way to veteran Eco Challenge athletes.  It provides continual top grade training opportunities for every discipline needed in an adventure race – often times led by the areas top climbers, bikers, paddlers and endurance runners. 

The athletes and race directors enjoy complete accessibility to Chris 24/7 and she has often come to the aid of an adventure racer or director during a last minute crisis - whether an adventure racer needs a last minute team mate or support crew or a director is short of volunteers – because of the strength and synergy the wonderful members of The A List™– it continues to provide an invaluable resource to the world of Adventure Racing.

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Will Ramos PhotographyWill Ramos is a dominant and noted figure in capturing and documenting the essence of the extreme sport of Adventure Racing through his photography.

As an artist with such talent, devotion, and professionalism- it's hard not to be recognized. His photographs have been featured in numerous publications world-wide such as: Sports Illustrated, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Metrosports, Central Virginian Newspaper, Runner Triathlete News, Men's Fitness Magazine, and various others.

Will is also a regular contributing photographer for Adventure Sports Magazine and ASX Magazine. He is the lead photographer for some of the top adventure racing companies in the country including Odyssey Adventure Racing, EX2 Adventures, Ambush Adventure Sports, Don Mann Enterprises, and The A List.

His professional affiliation includes membership to the
North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).

Will also provides stunning wedding photojournalism, portraitures, modeling, and nature
photography services to his select clients.

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